Sunday, May 4, 2008

My New Handmade Jewelry Cards

Please forgive me for I have not crafty blogged for while which is a no no in bloggerland I know, but I am happy to report that the reason I been absent is because I have been too busy being crafty. My jewelry business ( is doing pretty well and I have been working hard to get a bit of stuff made up so I have more stock on hand to be prepared for some future craft shows and some wholesale marketing I plan to do.

I have just developed my new packaging. (shown above) What do you think? So far I have had possitive feedback. Since I am a graphic designer at heart, I enjoyed creating my own cards via Photoshop CS. I printed them with my inkjet on cream colored speckled acid free recycled paper from PaperZone. I found some cool 2" reach paper punches that let me punch in the middle of the card. They are made by McGill ( They work great and make the cards look professionally die cut.

I have small circles for hanging earrings and a punch that is two 1/4 inch parallel lines that are perfect for feeding ribbon through to tie my pendant to the packaging. I also found a great resource for self-adhesive flap clear covers that really add a lot as well as protect the cards and the jewelry. Go to Great prices, customer service & quality. They come in just about EVERY size you can imagine.

I also found an easy tidy way to hang the necklaces. It's not an original idea... I have seen many manufacturers use the same technique, but it is good to know I can mimic the technique and it works. I punched two small holes about 1" from the top of the card and 3/4" from both sides of the card. Then with sissors I cut from about 1/2 inch from the top of the card at a diagonal towards the hole on both sides. I slide the necklace in the slits to the holes and it holds it perfectly.

I will be writing again soon. Part 2 of the Soldering Slide Pendants is coming. I took a class today conducting by one of the Simply Swank owners, Lisa Bluhm and it was great. (Lisa, if you are reading this - Hi. Nice to meet you. Thanks again.) Both of the owners are dolls and their products rock. More on this soon! Caio 4 now.

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