Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Props to my Nephew-in-law!

Just a little blip to share how proud I am of my nephew-in-laws high end contruction and remodelling skills. He does awesome work around the Chicago area. So much so, one of his projects was recently featured in Architectural Digest Magazine Feb 2009 issue. Go Chris!!

Originally constructed in 1953. 6000 SF! Dang! Full article, slide show and photo credits available at the link above.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about the weather

Hi ya'll. Well I have not been posting much lately because this is an art blog and I have not been artsy. I have been working in my novel mostly and I am not ready to share any of that yet. So what to share? What to share?

OK. When people don't have anything to talk about, they talk about the weather. So how 'bout some pictures of weather? In the Seattle area we have had freakish snow and flooding. Here's a few recent pix.

This is Snoqualmie Falls which is usually about 1/4 this wide and never this murky looking. The power of the water was amazing. If you were anywhere near it, you got soaked from spray. I had to cover my camera in plastic - shoot - and run!

Speaking of spray, this is a picture of a tree quite a ways away from the water. It was not a rainy day, but all the trees were dripping like a rain forest. It was actually my favorite part of the scenery.

See the mist? Hard to judge scale in this pic but the water is a long ways down there and I was getting soaked. I loved it. I'm weird like that. I love rain, storms and fog. Especially fog.

This was the first day of the snow. We ended up with well over a foot. Several people had 2 feet. This is really really rare for around here. We were stranded in our house for one week. There was no way to get around. Seattle is very hilly and it was a sheet of ice. Pretty and icky.

Hope you are staying cozy wherever you are.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Featured in another Etsy Treasury

Hi, KnotChaCha was kind enough to feature one of my pieces, Pretty in Purple, in an Etsy Treasury collection today. To view it, click here. Note, it's only available until 01/20 3:45pm.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back with some Beads

Hey there. It's been far too long since I blogged. Crazy with holidays and buried in snow for the last few weeks like most people around the USA I think. I have also been working on a novel feverishly because I got inspired by the snow (which is sort of almost a key character in the book) and that has been all-consuming.

Now it's Jan 2009 and time for me to get back into the groove. I was lucky enough to sell quite a few pieces of silver and beads over the last month or so, in part, due to the magazine article (see prior blog) so I need to get busy and restock the stores!

I've added some new beads to my bead shop and there are more coming soon.

Speaking of beads, one of my bead store customers who is a wonderful jewelry designer, kindly sent me a photo of a finished necklace she made using two of my antiqued silver dotted chunky sphere beads. I just love it. Be sure to check out her store L3G Originals.