Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birdies, Birdies Everywhere!

Hi. Hope you are having a 'tweet' day! I know I am. That's because for some unknown reason (maybe its because I wake daily to a gazzilion birds chirping at the feeder in my back yard) I have gone crazy for cute little birds lately and have incorporated them into my living room decor and also created a whole bunch of new jewelry featuring bird illustrations collaged over vintage ephemera. I am pleased to say my fondness for feathered friends must be shared by others because I have had a positive response to the jewelry. On some of the reversible glass pendants I have encased a real feather under the glass which I think is kind of fun! I have not tried this with the soldered pendants yet. I am curious to see how the feather handles the heat of the soldering iron. It's fun trying new things. Have a tweet day yourself!

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creativeFlutter said...

I'm soooo addicted to birdies now too!!! Hope you had a tweet day! Cute stuff btw!! glad to have found you!!