Friday, August 15, 2008

OK - Diamonds [glaze] are NOT this girls best friend

So I finally got the diamond glaze via mail order and tried it out. Um.... I'm not liking the diamond glaze I was so excited about in my previous post. Everyone recommends this stuff? Really? Maybe its me?

I made 3 pendants with papers from diff manufactures. I popped all the gazillions of bubbles caused by a bad applicator design. However the next day after it was dry there were a million bubbles that appeared overnight. Grrrrr.

The next day after that the glaze interacted with the metal of the bezel and the embedded charm and much of the glaze turned teal green. The metal did not... just the glaze. A couple of days later the entire surface of all 3 charms had tiny ripples & checks in it. Today I took another look and the glaze is yellow and cloudy. Not happy!!

I think I will stick with what I have always used. Crystal 3-D glaze or Rangers Glossy Accents. The later is much thicker than the diamond glaze and I never have ANY bubbles with the better tip design. Also, the tip does not clog. AND I have yet to see it discolor or react with anything.

The other thing I use is Easy Cast Resin if the well of the bezel is very deep. Good stuff.

Disappointed... I am SO glad I did not sell these pendants to someone. I almost did and I would have felt terrible.

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