Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do It Myself Business Cards

Uh oh. I've almost ran out of my business cards. It's hard to believe I have handed out 250 of those suckers already. When I first designed them, I guessed what my company colors were going to be, but I did not have a logo in mind yet, so I just used the colors in a striped background and as textures. Now I have a logo that I have been using on my jewelry cards and websites, so I am using that on my new business card so everything will match finally.
Here is the old design:

Here is the new design:

I hope the colors come out well when printed. It is so hard to tell. My two monitors, test print, web, windows image viewer, etc. all show something different, so it will be a surprise to see if they match my shirt & packaging. I already know the color of the water is a bit different from what I have elsewhere. There's a bit of a robins egg tone vs. the dutch blue as used on this blog. I just wanted it to pop a bit more. The original cards were a bit more 'grown up' looking I guess which may have been a good thing, but my jewelry and my art is a bit whimsical so I decided to let my folk art self go and this is the outcome. Since I do my own design and have a really good and inexpensive pro printer, it's not too great of a loss if they don't turn out perfect. I can always redo them. The posibilities are endless.

Here are my existing business cards for my photography:

I really enjoy designing cards and have done some design for other companies as well which is fun and challenging. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. One of my flickr friends started a group that is devoted to fun indi card designers and designs. Check it out Creative Calling Cards


Nonie said...

Luuuuuuuuuuuuv! The business cards!

Anonymous said...

adorable card it seems that you like cats i like your creativity.

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