Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight and the Twinkling it Inspires

The Twilight series of books by author Stephenie Meyer is talked about EVERYWHERE these days in case you have not noticed. And now that the movie is coming out, the planet has a bit of vampire mania.

I have always loved vampire stuff and might even be a closet goth somewhere down deep and since the book and movie is set in my home state of Washington, I am really falling under the spell of Stephenie's work myself and I cannot wait to see the movie.

I was "window shopping" around Etsy and noticed that some of my fellow artists have been inspired by to create twilight-ish art. Here's a sample of the stuff I found:

An altered Art Charm Bracelet by poetsummer
Edward quote pendant in a matching tin from shadesong
A set of four scrabble tile pendants from CandyTilesLove this star quote pendant from storytales
And last but not least, check out this Edward dream quote pendant from bluembrownlee

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