Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of my favorite things about being an online shop keeper, blogger, and all around web geek is that I get to meet and interact with talented and interesting people that I may never cross paths with in my 'real world'. (However - be careful who you meet! I met my hubby on line. What a freak! ... Just kidding Honey).

One of my jewelry customers who is a former Elite International model, produced a really cool documentary on body image and self esteem and how what we see in magazines and the runway really has an impact on kids in particular. If you are an indie film fest person, please support
Nicole Clark and her film Cover Girl Culture if it plays near you. It was recently a selection for the Womens International Film Festival.

Incidentally, she said she might be wearing one of my necklaces in the film or interviews she has done. I'm almost famous maybe! ;o) LOL.

Thanks Nicole for telling me about your project. I wish you much success.

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Nonie said...

Some of us really miss your posts.