Monday, September 8, 2008

Faux Ivory Vessels

Hi, I just wanted to share something I spotted on a blog that I really love and hope to be able to emulate some day. It is a faux ivory box made of polymer clay. I think it is wonderful and really looks like old petrified bone or ivory.
I have always loved ivory carvings, but I don't like the thought of accidentally supporting some cruel or greedy practice of collecting it, though I think most ivory comes by more honorable methods these days. With polymer, I hope to create the look sans guilt.

Found it here: my oldies but goodies . While you are at it, check out this sites entire collection of polymer clay related posts. Some interesting finds in there!

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Susal said...

Awww....Lisa, thanks so much for your kind words - I'm glad you like the ring boxes!

I hope you have fun trying the faux ivory - Victoria Hughes is the artist who pioneered all of the faux techniques. She has wonderful instructions about this technique and many others in her book The Chameleon Clay.