Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's starting to take shape... I'm officially a "fimo-er" again

I used to love to create with polymer clay. I think any one would. Who wouldn't like to re-live their childhood days where Play-doh was life and you could simply squish your mistakes and roll them into a ball and start again?

Somewhere a long the line I stopped using this medium. I think it is because though it made me feel like a youngin' on the inside, it physically exhausted my carpal tunnel syndromy hands to no end. Plus, how many plasticesque knickknacks can one have sitting around or pawn off on friends and family?

This summer while visiting my inlaw's I was re-introduced to polymer clay. We conditioned it to a nice soft form using a pasta machine. Back in the days when I was into polymer, my hands were the pasta machine. This tool made working with the clay a million times easier and more fun. A magazine article recently reminded of one of the things I really did love to create with polymer, and that is faux ivory and bone. I started thinking how great it would be to incorporate a little bit of a primitive look to my rustic silver work.

A few $$$ later, I now own a pasta machine, clay oven, and much clay. I have made several silver bezels. Now I am working on the 'ivory' carvings. I may also do a few boxes like the one pictured in this post that I made for my sister several years ago and maybe some buttons too. Look for the new primitives line coming soon!

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