Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Twilight twinkles...

Well since I am now a full blown fan (to put it lightly) of the Twilight novels and the movie myself, like others, I have been inspired to create some art based one some of the surrounding described in the books. Living in Washington and being a tree lover, it's only natural that the scenes that talk about flying through the woods and the vine maples that form arches around the edge of a meadow hit me with intense visuals. Here are a couple of the pieces that I have recently added to my store.

Cullen's Woods


To make these pendants, I carved a relief in a large rubber eraser, pressed precious metal clay into the mold and when it was at the leather hard stage, I used a needle tool to make tiny holes in the area I wanted to be darker so that the antiquing medium would pool in them. I guess that would be pointilism in the literal sense. The pieces have been kiln fired, tumbled, antiqued then hand polished.

Gear Up for Twilight!

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