Sunday, December 14, 2008

Humbug? Just a lil' bit....

I love the Christmas season, so I am usually ready and raring to put up decorations right after T-day turkey leftovers have made there last go-around in the microwave. But this year, not so much... It's already Dec. 14th and my gifts are not wrapped or shipped... in fact, I still have quite a bit of shopping to do yet and I have not put up ONE decoration or a single twinkling light.

I think the stress of whats going on in our world, nation and in my own little universe has knocked some of the wind out of my sails (and sales) this year. However, I am sure I will be bummed if I let this season pass without putting some of the 'icing on the cake' though. I know the decorations are not even close to being the true reason for the season, but it is still one of my favorite parts, so I am hoping my inner elf kicks in soon!

At least I can say my Scrooginess has not extended to crafting. I did make quite a few Christmas themed decorations and jewelry pieces for my online stores and the craft bazaar I did at my office last month. Here's one of the posters I did for it:
It was very casual. We each just had one little folding table set up in a hallway. Unfortunately, we had several participants cancel at the last minute so the selection was not too great. Also, it was right during one of the scariest financial times and just after some jobs and departments were eliminated, so people were not exactly in the shopping mood and they said so as they just walked on by. But it was still a good experience overall and I donated a small amount to charity as a result of sales. Next year will hopefully be better.

On a more upbeat note, check out the sneak peak in my Etsy store 2 showing in the left margin to see some of the ho-ho-holiday items posted recently. Click 'em to see the listing! Thanks!

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