Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Props to my Nephew-in-law!

Just a little blip to share how proud I am of my nephew-in-laws high end contruction and remodelling skills. He does awesome work around the Chicago area. So much so, one of his projects was recently featured in Architectural Digest Magazine Feb 2009 issue. Go Chris!!

Originally constructed in 1953. 6000 SF! Dang! Full article, slide show and photo credits available at the link above.


marysews said...

I am giving you the Kreativ Blogger award because you are so creative! Get the graphic and details on my blog. I was nominated "out of the blue" by CatSpec, and I am passing it on!

Emily-Claire said...

I love the leaf earrings! Beautiful work and nice blog! :D

kanishk said...

It is such a beautiful, artistic magazine.

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