Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about the weather

Hi ya'll. Well I have not been posting much lately because this is an art blog and I have not been artsy. I have been working in my novel mostly and I am not ready to share any of that yet. So what to share? What to share?

OK. When people don't have anything to talk about, they talk about the weather. So how 'bout some pictures of weather? In the Seattle area we have had freakish snow and flooding. Here's a few recent pix.

This is Snoqualmie Falls which is usually about 1/4 this wide and never this murky looking. The power of the water was amazing. If you were anywhere near it, you got soaked from spray. I had to cover my camera in plastic - shoot - and run!

Speaking of spray, this is a picture of a tree quite a ways away from the water. It was not a rainy day, but all the trees were dripping like a rain forest. It was actually my favorite part of the scenery.

See the mist? Hard to judge scale in this pic but the water is a long ways down there and I was getting soaked. I loved it. I'm weird like that. I love rain, storms and fog. Especially fog.

This was the first day of the snow. We ended up with well over a foot. Several people had 2 feet. This is really really rare for around here. We were stranded in our house for one week. There was no way to get around. Seattle is very hilly and it was a sheet of ice. Pretty and icky.

Hope you are staying cozy wherever you are.

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