Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Light is a Crafters Best Friend - The Benefits of Full Spectrum Light

"And God said, let there be light and there was light. God saw the light and it was good." Gen. 1:3-4

Light is good. Our bodies are built to use light... We obtain essential vitamins from the light of the sun. People who live in darker climates tend to have a higher percentage of vitamin D deficiency and become depressed and are sometimes diagnosed with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Our eyes need light to focus. People who work in low light conditions consistently over time experience eye strain and tend to loose their eyesight at a faster rate than average.

For the artist and crafter, light has great importance too. Needlework, beading, and other detailed handywork requires good eyesight and precision movements to obtain the best result. It may seem obvious, but the essential tool for the aforementioned, is LIGHT.

Light is also a necessity to the artist because it produces shadow and contrast that are necessary for dimension. Also, light impacts our perception of color. All color is simply the absence or presence of color that is carried to our eyes receptors by the light reflecting off an object.

There are all kinds of light and they all impact color perception greatly. The best light for artwork mimics natural daylight which is "full spectrum light". Full spectrum light is the most accurate. Most indoor light can have a very yellow or blue cast. Florescents give a green or purple cast. Full spectrum light appears as pure white light.

The OTT-LITE is one brand of full spectrum light that seems to target towards us crafty folks. They even have models with built in magnifying glass for detail work. I have seen rave reviews in many articles & blogs I have read. They are eco-friendly products & scientifically tested per this article. There are many styles available that seem to accommodate any kind of craft room or work area. They are pretty pricey, so, until this sale, I have not ordered one. 40% off is awesome! Bulbs on sale too! Use this link to go straight to Joann and order one if you are interested. The sale ends 3/29/08. Plus FREE shipping for orders over $35 with this code SAD090 through the end of March. I think there is another sale in April too. Check back if you miss this one!

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Anonymous said...

Do you know if Ott, or any other manufacturer makes the full spectrum lighting in tubes for ceiling lights? My husband just built me the most fabulous studio, but the lights are not in yet. I have lots of windows, but like to work at night sometimes, so want the best lighting I can get without breaking the bank. Thanks for sharing what you know and have experienced. RM

Kamera Kat said...

This is the Ott Light website. It looks like it is all lamps and the bulbs are custom for the lamps.

I believe GE or another major brand now makes full spectrum bulbs, but I don't know if they have tubes or how good they are. Lowe's carries and probably Home Depot as well.

If you Google full spectrum light tube there are many hits so that is an option for ceiling light. Here are some:

Also, there are those twisty shaped bulbs available that may work in some other kinds of ceiling fixtures. Good luck.