Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Paper-o-holics & Card Makers-Impress Your Friends and Yourself with Pretty Dalia Folding!

If you you are a rubber stamper, scrapbooker or paper-o-holic like I am, you probably already have a ton of pretty papers just waiting to be turned into something wonderful! How 'bout something dimensional that will pop off the background of a card and grab the viewers attention? Sound good?

There are several paper folding methods out there that are simple to learn which turn out great results that usually really impress the heck out of card recipients. I think most of the folds are generally refered to by the umbrella term "Tea Bag Folding". "What's that?" you say...

tea bag folding
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Well, according to various web sources, Tea Bag Folding (AKA miniture kaleidoscopic origami) was created in Holland by a lady who got creative with some colorful square tea bag envelopes she had sitting on her table. She folded each one and then combined them in a way that when they interlocked, they created a symmetrical medallion design. This has evolved into a big thing with many fold and connection patterns & specialy papers now available offering endless possibilities.

Here is a site with many links to patterns and resources for traditional folding with square piece of paper or teabags: TEA BAG FOLDING

My friend Sharon Mott recently introduced me to the "Dalia Fold" which is similar to teabag folding but uses circles instead of squares. I think her cards are really beautiful. Don't you agree?

Try it...

What you will need:

  • Pretty double-sided paper for the dahlia
  • Coordinating paper for the background
  • 1.5" circle punch or circle cuter
  • Paper Glue Stick (I recommend UHU)
  • Button or rhinestone for the center
  • Bone folder (optional, but helps make crisp folds)
  • Premade card blank & envelope
  • Illustrated instructions
I hope you try this fun project. If you do, please pop back by and leave a comment and link me to a pic of your work. I would love to see it! HAVE FUN!!

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