Monday, March 3, 2008

Super Smart Unmounted Rubber Stamps Storage!

All of us diehard stamp-o-holics tend to accumulate an abundance of unmounted rubber art stamps as we progress deeper and deeper into our stamping obsession. We all start out buying one or two mounted stamps, and before long we have large storage bins or shelves full. Then we move on to the "hard stuff"... Unmounted rubber stamps.

At first you say, "I'll just buy one". Then you say, "Well, they cost so much less than mounted, I can get two for the price of one, so I will get two." The next thing you know you are up to buying whole sheets at a time.

One day you will stop and take a long hard look around you and discover you are up to your ears in unmounted rubber stamps and that it is a real pain to dig through the pile to find just the one you want. What to do? What to do?

Well, I found this wonderful YouTube video from pinkcatstudio that has storage solutions that are pure genius!

Check it out:

Note regarding the CD jewel cases...A responder to the video post wrote, "This is a well made well presented video. One word of caution CD cases and similar storage methods are highly acidic. Over a number of years this could cause your stamps to deteriorate."

I cannot say for sure if this is true, but it might be. A possible solution might be to use heave archival paper to line the case??? I am not sure, but for a temp solution, it sounds great to me.

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