Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Love, Peace & Squiggles! and a Dove Rescue!

Today a kind fellow Etsy member selected my "Love, Peace and Squiggles" Pendant to be featured in a "treasury". I was honored to have my piece selected, but I admit I did not know what a treasury was in this context. I checked the Etsy Help and learned it is a member curated collection of other Etsy artists items that they publish as a small, temporary gallery for any reason they choose. Occasionally, the Etsy team selects a treasury to be featured on the front page which is a nice opportunity.

The treasury is called
"For Frankie" by "crookedlittlestudio" and is a collection of dove related art.

CLS writes
"Frankie is an unlikely name for a dove, but after he survived the first night (he had fallen out of his nest and had been abandoned), I named him after St. Francis, patron saint of animals. He ate, flourished, and learned to fly. Yesterday he flew away. I miss him."

Sounds like behind the "crooked little studio" a tender hearted soul who is probably much loved by Frankie the dove. Check out her wonderful artwork at the studio link above.

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Charity said...

Nice display..! I am wondering for a nice pendant for my gold necklace.