Monday, July 14, 2008

New Flickr Group - Big Beautiful Bling! Handmade Plus Size Jewelry

Hi, Just popping in to say that I just started a new group on flickr photo sharing yesterday and we already have 14 members! Yea! The group is called "Handmade Plus Size Jewelry & Fashion Stuff -Big Beautiful Bling" and it is a place for creative types to show off the stuff they make that is especially for us folks of size who like to add a little sparkle and pizazz in what we wear.

Why is it that the worlds population is now made up of a larger percentage of plus size people than ever (a rapidly increasing percentage), but most of the clothes, jewelry, belts, purse straps, shoes, etc. are still made for our tiny friends?

The group will showcase the artisans who are kind enough to accommodate a wider range of sizes. And it is a place for Big Beautiful people to post pictures of themselves wearing handmade plus size accessories too. I have posted a few of my large size rings and necklaces there and there are other pretty items posted already and will be more soon!

If you are a BBW, please come check it out. Many of the artist have online shops too, so if you are interested, look in their profiles or email them to find out how you can get their products.

"Beauty in Boldness - Bracelet" Originally uploaded by ocbaby

plus size apron
Originally uploaded by OriginalsbyLauren

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